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Baby Bentley Limo

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The stretch limousines are specially designed to accommodate large groups to hold parties and to celebrate your travel time together. We find that even government officials love to travel in our stretch limousines, as it stands for power and authority. The supermodel engines provide the best and smoothest drive that you have ever experienced. With ample leg and headspace, you can enjoy the ride comfortably. Our limousines are designed in such a way that it will be pleasing to the eye and will also serve as an excellent means of transport for people of all class. You can limo hire our first-class limousines for a very small price and enjoy the luxuries that we have in store for you along with a complimentary bubbly drink. Try our stunning Baby Bentley Limo for a great time.

Baby Bentley Limo

Limousines for all events

Stretch limousines are also sought for high school proms and for bachelor parties. For award ceremonies, many prefer to use the stretch limousines for their usage. Stretch limousines generally come with three doors on each side. Limousines stand for their luxurious status. They are simple and comfortable. They are also used for formal transportation. The body is made of aluminum, steel and ceramic too. The military tank that is insulated provides the best protection. Providing a quality limo hire is what Exclusive Hire is all about and we allow no compromise in our service quality.

The ambient lighting of the limousines is very comfortable for usage, especially during party times and celebrations. The sound system is made to provide premium audio facilities. The heated seats and climate controls in rear seats are some options that customers prefer in our limousines. The leather seating is of the best quality to provide a comfortable and luxurious travel. Flat screen TV sets are placed strategically for viewing your favorite TV shows with our limo hire.

Chauffeured Service

Our limousines are driven by Chauffeurs who are trained for the purpose and are also certified. They understand the importance of your ride and will be more than happy to be your chauffeur for the day, answering your every call. You can communicate with the chauffeur through the interconnected phone and state your request. Our chauffeurs will do their best to ensure that your ride is as fun-filled and enjoyable as possible. Our uniformed chauffeur service is the best in town.

Contact us for Limo Hire

You can book our limousine by visiting our site Our limo hire services offer a large set of vehicles from which you can choose the one that will be apt for your special occasion. If you are confused on how to choose the best limo hire, you can also give us a call and we will be more than happy to serve you. At Exclusive Hire, we are dedicated to providing you the best service that you deserve. Exclusive Hire’s limo hire is highly ‘in-demand, for the quality and trustworthy services that we offer our customers. Our limo hire is also suitable for corporate events and airport transfers.

The Hummer Limo Adds Elegance and Luxury to Your Travel

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The Hummer Limo Adds Elegance and Luxury to Your Travel

Arriving in style and arriving in luxury are just some synonyms for arriving in a Hummer limo hire. If you want to taste actual luxury and live in a fantasy world, where everything is luxurious and beautiful, you can arrive in a limousine. London hire has several other luxury limousines such as Rolls Royce London, prestige car hire, baby Bentley limo, supercar hire the UK, etc.


Arriving in a Hummer Limo

The Hummer limo is just one of the superior types from Limousines. The expensively built hummer limo London has an attractive rugged look that every woman loves to see in her vehicle and man. To take a ride in a powerful limo is something that everyone visions. Your arrival will be noted by everyone. It adds to your classy appearance when you travel to a party or to a wedding. Special occasions require special vehicles only. Limousines are generally used for wedding car hire or modern wedding cars. Some use our cars from limo hire for prom transportation. Prom vehicles that are generally selected are limousines as they extend a very superior aura around them to make the occasion more special.

The Interior of the Limo

The tinted windows from our limo hire vehicles are fully tinted and will protect you from the envious eyes of the crowd. The lavish leather seats are extremely soft and comfortable. Though the exterior of the Hummer hire London is rugged, it is extremely soft and luxurious inside. The Hummer Limo comes with an 18 to 20 seating capacity for traveling as a group. You can also choose a 24 passenger seating that can accommodate more people. The fully equipped limousine from limo hire comes with an elegant look that looks good to travel on the inside and has a correspondingly good elegance outside. The leather interior provides a luxurious look.  Fully equipped with Plasma TVs, your entire travel time can be filled with good entertainment. Your audio and video provisions are always updated and of good quality.

Travel Experience with Hummer Limo

Your Hummer hire London can be used as a chauffeur driven car. Traveling with a smooth and comfortable ride makes the entire trip very comfortable. The limousine from limo hire London is great for travel to all types of places. For wedding hire and limo for prom, any limousine from limo hire is great for travel. The extra long and spacious limousines are great for going to parties as a group. You can make use of our party bus rental or wedding hire from limo hire. When you combine elegance and beauty, limo hire is the best for group travel. Traveling with all comfort, along with your group is a very rare occurrence. Take hold of such rare opportunities and enjoy, with your dear ones. Luxury travel with limo hire is worth the experience.

Enjoy your trip, enjoy your travel and enjoy your group, as limousines from limo hire are trustworthy and make the occasion more memorable.

My favourite top 3 cars

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If I were to ask the average guy his favourite 3 cars I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard responses like a Lamborghini, a Porsche or a Mercedes Benz. However being the practical person that I am, these brands are far from the top 3 cars I have in mind. In fact I’m sure my choices will surprise you. To better explain my perspective I should probably start by mentioning what I look for in car. Above all, I look for cars that are affordable and have longevity; for me that rounds out to be a Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 or Honda Civic. While these cars do have additional features that make them appealing, I am most attracted to the fact that they are quality-engineered cars that will stick around in the long haul.

The Toyota Corolla is a Japanesemanufactured car that first appeared on the market in 1961. The Corolla is a mid-sized compact car that offers great fuel efficiency and is one of the best-selling cars in its class. Toyota has been around for many years and is known for producing cars that are functional with solid road performance. When I drive a Corolla I feel comfortable it has the space to pack in all my things for a cross country road trip without running out of space. I have also trekked to some not so smooth terrain and was pleasantly surprised by the car’s ability to handle the terrain. These days Toyota has branched out to producing some energy efficient fleets which reduce impact on the environment while still maintaining the quality that Toyota is known for.

The Mazda 3 is another Japanese manufactured compact car that is known for its speed. The Mazda 3 comes in the sedan or the hatchback version. The one thing I like most about the Mazda (apart from its functionality) is its sleek design. Unlike the Toyota corolla the Mazda 3 looks almost like a sports car but has the conveniencesof a mid-sized vehicle.  When the red Mazda zips down the street you would have to look twice to realize that it is not a sport car. It offers excellent performance and handling, but is not as fuel efficient as theCorolla. The Mazda 3 also has some neat features like allowing the driver to start the engine before entering the car (which is a life saver during those awful winters). Although being a compact car, Mazda appear to be somewhat smaller in the interior and can feel like a tight squeeze. This aside Mazda has a reputation for being a great build with superior performance and handling.

The HondaCivic is an indispensable model in the world of cars. For most new car buyers, the Honda civic works out to be ideal due to be great pricing and functionality. Although it is still a compact car, Hondas don’t have as sleek of an appearance as the Mazda counterparts. Howeverrecent models of the car have been noticeably redesigned to offer a more modern, attractive appearance. Hondas are well known for their reliability and fuel efficiency and in later models significant strides have been made to improve performance and safety.

While I’ll be the first to admit it, these are definitely not your luxury top-of-the line cars. However as a new car owner they offer a great value that meets the requirements most important to me. Furthermore, newer models of these brands have started to offer luxury features that make then even more comparable to features found in luxury cars. I know you’re thinking, give me my Jaguar or Pontiac instead, but you would be surprised how much further your money can go with these well-rounded trusted brands. Give them a fair shake the next time to walk into your dealership!