The world is changing rapidly but the economy has been too stressed for too long.  Many people have been downsized and needed to find jobs to sustain them.  Many people took jobs not even in their own field or a field that they are interested in– thinking it will be just for a little while and then I can find something I like a lot better –

Just so you know this is not all about doom, gloom and the continuing credit crunch, but rather exploring new possibilities and achieving new goals.

We can either hide under our covers or face our futures fearlessly and full on.   You have a choice. Why not turn futility into fertility and use this time to be creative?


Like a lot of my new clients, for example, who, maybe like you, want to effect some major career changes, get a job they’ll love or maximize and improve on the one they already have.  Many of you, it seems, have been suffering great dissatisfaction in your careers and can’t see their way out. They have been working in organizations that put the bored into board meetings and it has been eroding your sense of self.


Work is such an emotive issue and, like money, has a whole host of unfounded beliefsaround it playing mind games with our psyches.  I once came from school of thought that said “you’re not supposed to enjoy work that’s why they call it work, liking a job is optional having a job is not.”  But I no longer have that belief with the help of some amazing coaching. I now actually enjoy my work as you should.

What scary or self-limiting beliefs do you have about work?


Maybe you subscribe to one of the following schools of thought around what work is

  • “It’s a means to an end”
  • “Well, it’s just a job. It pays the bills”
  • “It’s what my parents wanted for me”
  • “I’ve never had a clue what I wanted to do anyway”
  • “I can’t complain. At least it’s safe” “Where else would I go?”


As a coach I don’t have within me, my desk drawer or in my magical tool kit the perfect job with your name and requirements written all over it. I can’t help you with that.

Yet, I may be able to help you find the thing you have always been looking for.

When I work with clients to help them find a job that feels fantastic, meaningful and as if they’ve “come home”, it’s a process that takes time and a lot of soul searching.

I say this because there are no quick fixes to finding something you would jump out of bed to get to each day regardless of what they paid you.


A dream job is a blessing and something you can definitely achieve.

In order to get what you want, you need to know what you want.

In order to know what you want, you need to know yourself.It is that simple and that complicated.


In order to know yourself you have to be yourself and to trust in what your heart tells you.  It takes courage, time, patience and belief that you’ll get there.


You probably already know what it is you want to do but you have suppressed or buried it as it may have seemed impractical, not what your parents would have wanted or you simply cannot see how you could make money out of it.


I guarantee the signs have always been there.


I work with my clients to help them clarify what their heart has always been telling them.We explore it further and work to come up with real and practical strategies to get them there.

Let me assure you, there are millions of folks out there doing what they love.  Turning interests and hobbies into lucrative careers, people who can’t believe they get paid to do what they do.  People like me and my clients.

I have stood where you are today feeling resigned, unhappy and yes, a little scared.  Not knowing what to do next is an uneasy place to be.   Why not do what I did, and many others are doing, and dare to look for something better?


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